Class Information

 All of our classes are a pretty fair split between Hands on Learning with our Host locations horses, and classroom time.  Our All-day courses are generally scheduled from 9am-5pm.  Half day class times will vary.   All our Equi-First Aid Classes are developed by our team of Veterinarians and Equine Professionals. Check out the classes and what is covered in each one below.

Our Classes- 

Equine Health & Emergency First Aid

Our most comprehensive, and popular, course! Join us for a one day course covering: what your vet needs to know, conditioning a horse to accept treatment, taking vital signs, dealing with lacerations, punctures, colic, choke, collapse, casting, shock, hoof issues, recognizing pain in the horse and pain source identification, injury prevention and so much more! All attendees receive a certificate of completion and first aid manual.


Prerequisite for "Advanced Emergency First Aid". If you take both courses in combination, the discounted package price is $295 for both courses.

February 11th            9am-5pm              Benton City, WA            (* This class has a barn fee of $10 a day, that goes to the Host for Lunch, and beverages*) *This class if full if you want to be placed on a wait list please send me an email* 

March 11th, 2023,         9am-5pm            Gaston, OR  

April 15th, 2023,     9am-5pm               Golden Valley, AZ 

April 22nd, 2023        9am-5pm                    New River, AZ 

May 20th, 2023       9am-5pm                     Red Bluff, CA     

May 27th, 2023                  9am-5pm Copperopolis, CA

June 3rd 2023                      9am-5pm                  Kent, WA 

September 16th       9am-5pm            Colville, WA                             

Advanced Emergency First Aid/ Wilderness Edition or Indoor  Edition

Join us for a one day advanced equine emergency first aid course and learn what to do in the most extreme situations! Covering everything from lacerations to poison, burns to bites, fractures to sucking chest wounds, this course prepares the student to handle the most serious injuries while waiting for the vet. We will also cover horse assessment, conformation, and conditioning for activities.  $159.00
If you take this course in combination with "Equine Health & Emergency First Aid" , the discounted package price is $295 for both courses.

 February 12th          9am-5pm              Benton City, WA            (* This class has a barn fee of $10 a day, that goes to the Host for Lunch, and beverages*)*This class if full if you want to be placed on a wait list please send me an email* 

February 25th,        9am-5pm            Whidbey Island, WA

March 12th, 2023    9am-5pm              Gaston, OR 

April 16th, 2023      9am-5pm                Golden Valley, AZ 

April 23rd, 2023      9am-5pm                    New River, AZ

 May 21st, 2023       9am-5pm                     Red Bluff, CA 

May 28th, 2023        9am-5pm Copperopolis, CA

June 4th 2023                      9am-5pm                  Kent, WA 

Equine First Aid Fundamentals

This is a half day fast paced clinic covering the fundamentals of first aid. Working hands on with the horses, you will learn to take vital signs, recognize pain in the horse, detect colic, and participate in lots of bandaging in realistic scenarios! All attendees receive a first aid reference booklet. Appropriate for folks without extensive horse experience. Ages 10 and up.


February 24th         5pm-8pm          Whidbey Island, WA

April 21st, 2023 4:30pm-8PM              New River, AZ 

May 25th, 2023 4:30pm-8pm    Acampo, CA

Horse First Aid for Kids

I Can Help Equine First Aid for Kids-
Developed for your Horse Crazy Kids ages 5-9.  Spend three hours in a fun and supportive learning environment covering: Safety, The Rules of Horse First Aid, How to weigh their horse, cuts, tummy trouble, healthy feet , tips for keeping their horse in good health, and more! This class comes with an activity Manual .       $59.00 


May 24th, 2023 4:30pm-7:30pm    Acampo, CA

Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness

A MUST for any livestock owner, this course will train you in fire prevention, planning for and executing safe evacuation procedures, hidden dangers and responding to first aid emergencies. It also covers what to do in natural disasters such as flooding, wildfires, ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more.

Don't be unprepared - we can help you help your animals. This course is suitable for any livestock operation, not just horses, and is supported by the insurance industry. $159.00

February 26th         9am-5pm          Whidbey Island, WA

September 17th      9am-5pm            Colville, WA

September 23rd      9am-5pm            Oroville, WA

Safe Trailering

Keeping your horse safe is your number one priority. Is your trailer safe, and do you know what your horse experiences during a collision? What are the protocols, your responsibilities and liabilities when involved in an accident, and laws around hauling? Do you know if the size and layout of your trailer provides your horse comfort and stability, or if is putting strain on their body, leading to potential injury?

Join us for a hands-on day of learning how to keep your horse as safe as possible and how to be prepared for the unthinkable.  $159.00

September 24th      9am-5pm            Oroville, WA                     

Livestock Handling for First Responders

Many first responders have never been exposed to working with horses and livestock yet are called in the line of duty to deal with these animals in fires, accidents, natural disasters, escapes, and more.

This one or two-day optional training exclusive to first responders teaches how to keep themselves and the public safe, while having the knowledge and confidence to work with all types of livestock, with a focus on horses. Contact us for group rates for your department!

 ** Looking for a Host for this class, contact me if interested**  This can be Scheduled in Republic WA at any time if you're willing to travel** 

Equine First Aid Through Zoom

This Class is the Theory portion of our Equine Health and Emergency First Aid Class.  Spend Three hours through zoom meeting learning, what your vet needs to know, conditioning your horse, vital signs, how to deal with lacerations, punctures, burns, colic, choke, shock, casting and more.  Upon payment of class students will be mailed an manual which will be covered during the zoom meeting.  Students will have the option of attending the hands on portion of class at a later date.  $79.50

 October 15th 9am-12:30 

Easy Pack Class

Want to camp or pack into the wilderness with your horse but are unsure where to start?  Steep Ridge Trails is there to help you put all the pieces together.  We will help you hit the trail with easy pack systems options, stock containment and how to set it up, trail and back country safety, as well as suggested pack lists.( this material has been developed by Steep Ridge Trails not Equi-First Aid USA)  $159.00

*Contact me to schedule a class              



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