About Us

Hi, My name is Amber Palmer, I am the owner/ operator of Steep Ridge Trails.

Growing up I was always a "horse person" (we all know the kind) If I had a free moment I was in the woods preferably on a horse.  Several years ago a dear friend introduced me to the thought of packing.  Always up for an adventure, we started the endeavor of trying to figure out how to go about such a thing.  It was difficult to find out what our horses needed to know, how to train them, what we should bring, what equipment to use, etc.  Needless to say, we managed to piece the information together and have a relatively successful pack trip.  That was all it took -  I was bitten by the pack bug!  

As time went on, I not only was able to help my friends with their pack trip questions I also started running a horse program for our local Job Corps.  We provide the students with much needed animal contact, as well as teach them the ins and outs of Horse Care, Equipment, Trail Riding and of course Camping with their Equine friends.  This combined with becoming an Equine 1st Aid instructor has been the drive for Steep Ridge Trails.